Welcome to coach2coach!

Coach2coach aim is to contribute in making the Swedish businessarena worldleading by offering outstanding NLP training to everyone who see themselves as leaders.

We aim to set the standard for future leadership by uniquely linking NLP with our approach BPP, which includes your Business, Professional and Personal development.

NLP is about spreading championship – spreading how people who succeed think, feel and act. We combine this with the latest trends within leadership and organizational development. We focus on what works and on that which, with simple means, can be lifted straight into the participant’s own life and begin to be used immediately.

Our ambition is to continue being a market leading educational company and also to keep up our work on developing businessmodels used worldwide. We see our role as co-organizers in the developmental journey that people and organizations need to do in order to meet the challenges of the future.

The business started in 1996 by Magnus Kull and is today Scandinavia’s leading training company within NLP and leadership. Over the years we have trained thousands of managers, employees and consultants as well as many of our colleagues in the industry. We have also developed models for leadership, including The NÖHRA model, which today is used globally. We have an intensive collaboration with some of Sweden’s best lecturers; Kjell Enhager and Klas Hallberg and regularly invite world names within the NLP-sphere to Stockholm.

Of course, we combine a wonderful educational environment at site with digital tools so that your education not only boosts you for the moment but instead give you the possibility to make significant difference in your personal as well as your professional life. In most of our courses we collaborate with Sjöfartshuset konferens, which offers exclusive premises at Skeppsbron in the Old Town with a truly great kitchen!

Welcome to coach2coach!


Our Trainings:

We are offering trainings in:

  • Coaching leadership
  • NLP Business Practitioner
  • NLP Business Master Practitioner
  • NLP Trainers Training.
  • Success Factor Modeling


All our NLP trainings are certified through INLPTA, International NLP Trainers Association. INLPTA is the largest training organization for NLP around the world.



Most of our trainings are conducted  in Swedish although occasionally we offer shorter trainings in English with English speaking Guest trainers that may take part in our NLP-trainings.



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