Generative Consulting- the foundations 27–29 april 2022.

Generative Consulting- the foundations 27–29 april 2022.

with Robert Dilts

The goal of Generative Consulting, in particular, is to help teams and organizations evolve and function in ways that are both new and more effective. To accomplish this, a generative consultant integrates multiple interventions for his or her clients in order to reach key organizational outcomes that have potentially never been achieved before.

The process of generative consulting brings together a unique and powerful set of building blocks. It is organized around the SFM DIAMOND Model, which includes applying the seven-step generative consulting model to the three critical areas of business success: growth, crisis and transition.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Practice how to establish and maintain a generative state of “creative flow” in yourself and with your clients.
  • Get an introduction to applying the seven steps of generative consulting.
  • Learn supporting competences and tools.
  • Know how to create a direction and a path to bring a team or organization to a new and higher level of performance.
  • Know more about how to identify and deal with obstacles to success.

Datum: 27 – 29 april 2022.

Plats: Piperska muren, Stockholm. Skulle restriktioner från FHM påverka utbildningen kan den komma att bli digital.

Förkunskap: Erfarenhet av NLP. Programmet är en fristående del av coach2coach NLP Business Master Practitioner.

Pris: Early bird. Boka och betala innan 1 januari 2022 för 14 800:- exkl. moms. Efter det är priset: 17 450:- exkl. moms.  I priset ingår kursmaterial, fika och lunch. Begränsat antal platser.


About Robert Dilts:

Robert Dilts has been a developer, author, trainer and consultant in the field of NLP since 1975 Today he is traveling around the world to train in NLP and he also runs NLP University in Santa Cruz.

Robert is the author of more than 20 NLP books on a variety of topics. He is behind NLP-techniques such as Reimprinting, Integration of conflicting beliefs, Sleight of Mouth patterns, The Disney strategy as well as several techniques within the field of Systemic NLP (strategies and belief systems). Robert is also the co-developer of the Success Factor Modeling process (Framtidens entreprenörskap på svenska)- a method to identify and transfer the critical success factors necessary to promote effective entrepreneurial activities and behavioural skills used by successful individuals, teams and companies.

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Piperska muren, Stockholm

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