Påverkande språk/LAB Profile®certification

with Shelle Rose Charvet

What is the LAB Profile®?

Every day, in every situation, people communicate through their own thinking and motivation patterns. As humans, we respond immediately when someone “speaks our language” to communicate with us in return.

The Language and Behavior Profile (LAB Profile®) is a way of thinking about people and groups that allows us to notice and respond with just the right Influencing Language. It’s tailored to each situation and structured to allow us to understand

  • how people get motivated,
  • how they process information, and
  • how they make decisions.


In this program we will be covering the LAB Profile® Patterns such as;

  1. Identify people’s values and criteria to know what is reallyimportant to them.
  2. Understand how to speak to people who want to avoid problems vs. those who prefer a goal orientation.
  3. Increase your impact with people who decide for themselves and those influenced by external factors.
  4. Solve conflicts between those who prefer to create alternatives vs. those who follow a step-by-step procedure.
  5. Identify the language needed to reduce resistance to change.


Datum: 5 – 7 oktober 2021

Plats: Piperska muren, Stockholm. Skulle restriktioner från FHM påverka utbildningen kan den komma att bli digital.

Pris: Early bird-pris! Boka och betala innan den 1:a juni 2021 för priset 14.200:- exkl.. moms. Efter det är priset 17 450:- exkl.  moms.  I priset ingår kursmaterial, fika och lunch. Begränsat antal platser.

Förkunskap: Inga förkunskaper krävs. Programmet är en fristående del av coach2coach NLP Business Master Practitioner.

Certifiering: Möjlighet finns till ett LAB Profile®-certifikat efter inlämnande av kompletterande uppgifter.

About Shelle:

Shelle is an international expert on influencing and persuasion. She is a certified NLP Trainer and a LAB Profile Application developer.

She is the author of two books; Words that change minds and The customer is bothering me. Words that change minds is available in 12 languages and has been the first book listed on Forbes Best Management Books for Executives and Entrepreneurs.
When travelling around the world Shelle teaches people how to dramatically increase response rate, sales and impact by leveraging:

  • the different ways people think, get motivated and make decisions
  • how to pick up these patterns in conversation and by observing people's behavior
  • the right way to persuade each person, group, organization, large group or in mass communication.
  • simplify career counselling and professional coaching.
  • create high performance teams by managing peoples’ strengths instead of suffering from their weaknesses.


Early bird. Boka och betala innan 1 juni 2021 och betala 14 200:- exkl. moms


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