The Enneagram & Leadership with Peter McNab is a personality typing tool that posits nine different archetypes. It is a versatile and powerful personality typing system!

Peter McNab, internationally know trainer and consultant have been using The Enneagram within organizations and, more specifically, with leaders. Peter has worked with a number of public sector, private sector and third sector, organisations using the Enneagram as one of the main tools of intervention along with NLP.

In this workshop, we shall help you to find your own Leadership Enneagram style and from that how best to manage and lead others and also to develop your leadership style and your own personal. Each personality type associated with the Enneagram represents a map of traits that highlights patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. By learning one’s type and the patterns and habits associated with that type, one can use the Enneagram system as an effective tool for self-understanding and self-development.

The 2-day workshop will cover
  • The Three Centres – Head, Heart & Gut
  • The Nine Types
  • The Arrows
  • The Enneagram of Attention & Avoidance
  • The Enneagram of Talking Styles and iof Mental Models
  • The Enneagram of Towards & Away From Motivation
  • Type-alikes – The Hornevians & The Harmonics
The main benefits using the Enneagram in an organization are:
  • Coaching Individuals.
  • Coaching Teams & Boards.
  • Training & Development.
  • Understanding Customers & Clients.
  • Developing Relationships & Networking.