Kjell Enhager

He has lectured in front of hundreds of thousands people and coached some of the biggest names and companies in Sweden and the world!

Kjell Enhager is a business, culture and athletics coach. After earning a degree in economics in the late 1990s, he received his first assignment as a leadership consultant at Sällma in Gothenburg. Today, 25 years later, Kjell is a coach and the whole world is his workplace. He has worked and continues to work with actors, symphony orchestras, the biggest companies in the business sector and celebrity names in golf, tennis, skiing, riding and hockey.

What do you learn as a monk, a pizza maker and pro golf player?
Curiosity about life can be expressed in many ways: Kjell has been a monk, a pizza maker and a golf pro, and he holds a Master’s in Business Administration and writes books. Kjell’s exciting meetings with people in a variety of industries, cultures and environments form an important part of his ability to share valuable insights about how we can influence and change our own lives. In his lectures, he generously shares his experiences, including those of working with many of our sports stars before major, significant competitions.

Leadership and Coaching

Coaching employees is one of the most important roles of a leader.

In simple terms, coaching leadership is about taking the journey from the present situation to a desired situation. At work and in life in general: what brings happiness? How can coaching help create positive change in a company? How can managers coach their employees to achieve better results?

Experience results in a leading company

In his many years as a business consultant, Kjell Enhager has helped companies grow and become more successful. In 2003, Kjell, Lotta Enhager, and their colleagues Magnus Kull and Per Bjergestam launched Coach2coach, Scandinavia’s leading personal development and coaching training company. Coach2coach helps individuals and organizations grow with customized development programs for team, individual and leadership development. What is it that makes some people achieve so much more than others? What is their secret to success? Kjell has worked as a mental coach for the successful Swedish women’s golf team and celebrity athletes in tennis, riding, skiing, adventuring and more. To achieve better results, he works with both conscious and subconscious behaviors. This may involve focusing on solutions rather than blocks: celebrating what one does well, and not getting caught up in negative thought patterns by fixating on times when things went wrong.

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How you can specifically and decisively change and create new possibilities within your private and professional life. How we focus on the positive, and learn from what doesn’t work…