Conscious Leadership and Resilience: Orchestring Innovation and Fitness for the Future.

KURSEN ÄR FULLBOKAD. Leadership is about ensuring that people (including yourself) are prepared to be their best, meet challenges, overcome obstacles and reach critical goals. Conscious leadership and resilience comes from Robert Dilts modeling of successful leaders, entrepreneurs and companies. It involves acting from a state of centered presence, accessing multiple intelligences and living your highest values in service to a larger purpose to the benefit of all stakeholders. Thus, conscious leadership involves being authentic, emotionally intelligent, purposive and responsible.

The 3-day workshop will cover:

• Formulating and communicating a clear and meaningful vision for the future.
• Focusing on higher purpose and influencing through inspiration.
• Introduce and work with the SFM (Success Factor Modeling) leadership model
• The 4 essential goals and the 4 fundamental Actions of Conscious leadership.
• How to best empower, coach, share and stretch others.
• The nine key inner qualities of a good leader.